All cattle locally raised, bred and fed on our ranch.

14 month Braford steer being finished on rye grass and clover

Our herd consists of 5/8 3/8 Braford cows(5/8 Hereford and 3/8 Brahman) with Angus bulls.This allows us to take advantage of the heat tolerance of the Brahaman and the milking ability and growth of the Hereford combining with the superior meat quality of the Angus.  Our Angus bulls have been genetically tested and has scored 10 out of 10 for genetically tender meat. This trait is passed to his offspring and is a key factor in our beefs tenderness. We choose our animals on genetics rather than using steriods and antibiotics for growth.

Angus Bull, DP Right Time

14 month old Braford heifer finished out

Braford cow with 3 month Angus sired calf at side