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Grass-fed meat starts just as tender as other meat, but it can become tough if you cook it the same way as grain-fed meat. This is due to grass-fed meat being so lean.  To keep grass-fed meat tender, you need to cook it slowly.  If you are broiling a grass-fed steak, place it further away from the heat and cook it for a shorter period of time.  Turn it frequently, but don't cook it too long.  Even the most tender cut of meat will become dry and tough if you overdo it.  One thing you will notice is that a pound of raw meat yields almost a pound of cooked meat: your burger won't shrink on the grill!


Fat acts as an insulator. Since grass-fed beef is a lean meat, it has no insulation. If you sear it, it dries up very quickly. Cook slow and low. If you marinate it overnight this will help in the cooking as it will not let it dry out as quick. Remove it when it is rare because it will still cook for 10 minutes due to its leaness and no insulation.


4 Basic Rules for Cooking Grassfed


1. Never pierce the meat with a fork while cooking. If you do, the juices will run out. Grass-fed beef has much less fat than feedlot beef.


2. Always serve grass-fed beef rare. It will toughen up more than other meat if overdone.


3. Use a meat thermometer to pull your grass-fed steak off the heat a full 10 degrees before it hits target temp. It will keep cooking internally.


4. Never skip the 15 minute post-cooking rest. Lean meat sheds more moisture if you cut it up too soon.


There is a new cook book devoted to sustainable meats called "Good Meat" check it out.


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