August 2021

Despite all the rain we've been getting at the Ranch, we have been working hard to keep things moving. Not being able to get into the fields to bush hog has been challenging, and we've had to deal with tractors getting stuck in the mud and all sorts of normal farm problems. We have been spraying fence lines using our 4 wheelers and fixing a few broken water lines.

Like pretty much everyone we talk to, we are looking forward to some dry weather. Baling hay and fertilizing our pastures will help get our pastures ready for the fall.

Mother nature is both our biggest asset and our biggest liability this summer, but we are still here working hard to bring our friends and family the finest grassfed local beef in Louisiana. We are feeling fortunate to not have had any devastating Hurricanes so far this year and hope that whatever challenges arise in the month of August, we are able to meet them together.


All the best,

Shannon Gonsoulin, DVM


 Pasture Raised Poultry from Guidry's Cajun Farmstead


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 A new study from Duke University in Scientific Reports has found that beef contains significantly more several nutritional components than plant-based "meats." Read more here


 Round steak with Marrow bone
submitted by @louisianalocavores 

This is one of my favorite dishes to eat in the Louisiana country! We used a @gonsoulinbeef round steak with the marrow bone, which adds a ton of flavor! Seared and braised gently in a bone broth with a little @steenssyrup cane vinegar, and then added a roux for a rich gravy, with plenty of goodies from the garden. We layered it over @4sistersrice and topped with garden green onions and @datsaucela hot sauce! Delicious, down home food!

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