December 2021

Welcome to our December Newsletter!

It’s finally drying up enough for us to plant ryegrass, apply fertilizer and make some improvements to the land. Putting out feed grass daily is now one of our main tasks. Once the ryegrass gets established we can start grazing our cows on that. For now, we are using mainly Bermuda grass hay for mama cows. The animals in line for processing are on high-quality alfalfa and peanut hay.

This time of year the nutrition requirements are high because of the poor quality of pasture forage. We have to supplement the pasture's forage with high quality hay. Free choice minerals are available at all times of the year and the cattle will utilize more, especially now due to the low quality of forage.

All this is going on while we wait for the ryegrass to come up so we can start grazing that forage. Hopefully if Mother Nature helps out with adequate rain and sunshine we should be grazing ryegrass by February 1st.


All the best,

Shannon Gonsoulin, DVM


 Christmas is right around the corner and we are accepting orders for 1/4,1/2 and whole carcasses. This is a great Christmas gift for someone to fill their freezer with high quality grass fed beef for several months to a whole year.

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 Weekly Specials
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December 1 - 7
Ground Beef and Beef Blends - $5.75/lb

December 8 - 14
Chuck & 7 Steaks - $6.50/lb

December 15 - 21
Steaks15% off

December 22 - 28
Pork and Beef Roasts 15% off

December 29 - January 4
Ground Beef and Beef Blends - $5.75/lb



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 Chefs Corner: Braised Beef Tongue Yaka Mein from @louisianalocavores

Braised beef tongue in Faubourg beef blackened voodoo dark lager
Poured over Dagostino pasta
Added crawfish tails and chili oil made with Guidry organic farms pecan oil

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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