June 2022

The beginning of summer time involves a lot of moving parts.

We are strategically clipping pastures to get them ready for the summer grasses. With today's diesel prices, we are grazing down as many pastures as we can instead of having to clip them. Letting the cattle eat what they want then trampling the residue increases our solid organic matter, which improves our soil quality.

Checking and maintaining fence lines is a constant job.

 We are also weighing cattle to make sure our beef is gaining muscle. We weigh our beef four times a year. If they are not gaining an average of 1.5lbs or more per day, they are culled.

Our mama cow herd has calves at their side that are now 200-250lbs. These calves can take a lot of nutrition away from the mama cow, so they need to be fed some really good grass. 

As you can see, we have growing our production line calves from last year, along with cows producing milk for their babies. The main focus of our ranch work in the summer is to keep quality forage in front of them at all times.

Let's not forget that hurricane season is here. That's always interesting...! We've been testing our backup generators to make sure that no matter what mother nature throws our way this year, our cows will have continuous water well function and electric fencing to protect them from predators.

All the best,

Shannon Gonsoulin, DVM


 GLC custom orders are being filled and should be completed in the next few weeks.
The processing plant is super busy and we encouraged you to book your calves ahead of time as the dates are filling up quickly!

GLC processing plant is in full gear and processing our beef, lamb and hogs. Make you order soon if you are thinking about purchasing a 1/4, 1/2 or whole side of beef as the waiting list is growing. This is the most economical way to purchase large quantities of beef. Call 337-577-9160 for availability. 



 Weekly Specials
Quantities are limited so don't wait!

June 1-7
Ground Beef & Ground Pork 10% off

June 8-14
Beef & Pork Ribs 10% off

June 15-21
Steaks 10% off

June 22-28
Round Steak 10% off

June 29 - July 5
Ground Beef & Ground Pork 10% off


 Did you know that Gonsoulin Land and Cattle is part of the American Grassfed Association? This certification means that we follow the programs and standards of the leading grassfed meat and dairy production organizations. 

When you buy grassfed beef with the AGA logo, it means that it was born, raised, and processed humanely within the USA. The practices of AGA certified products give back to the planet rather than extracting from it, meaning that your purchase improves the quality of soil and water as well as biodiversity. 

Did you also know that Gonsoulin Land and Cattle is a Certified Louisiana Product? When you see the Certified Louisiana logo, you can be sure that product was made, grown, manufactured, processed, and produced in the State of Louisiana. Your purchases in turn directly support local businesses and support local economies. 


Pork Medallion and Mushroom Gravy

by @louisianalocavores
This is definitely a great way to enjoy a pork tenderloin! We started out by cooking the pork in the sous vide to keep it moist. Then made a dark roux gravy with the most beautiful mushrooms I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, chestnut mushrooms. .

Man, what a gravy this was!

This combination went so well together, it didn’t need anything else except a little Louisiana rice to soak up the gravy and a simple garden arugula salad. A straightforward, delicious meal!

@gonsoulinbeef pork tenderloin
@allcapsgourmetmushrooms chestnut mushrooms
@steenssyrup cane vinegar to dress salad

Try it out and let us know what you think!

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