Stews and Soups

Stew Meat and Meaty Soup Bones makes for a wonderful, nutritious stew that is good for both winter and summer. Carrots, onions, and other omega-3 vegetables in the pot along with grass-fed beef are delightful!

Marrow Bones are making a comeback in modern cuisine because of grass-fed’s healthy fats. Marrow is supposed to be slightly higher in CLA than the rest of the animal. They can be cooked alone for preparing gravies and sauces, or they can be put into stews and soups. Once the marrow is soft it can be dug out of the bones and stirred into stews and soups for boosting the incredible flavor of grass-fed beef.

Short Ribs are very versatile. They are excellent on their own and also add exceptional flavor and meat to both stews and soups.

Sirloin Kabobs make a fun barbeque meal. Place beef in a bowl and mix in your favorite marinade. Cover and refrigerate for at least one hour. Thread beef cubes and vegetables on skewers then brush with marinade. Either broil in a grill or an oven. In an oven, broil kabobs with tops about eight inches from the heat; turn and brush with marinade. Broil until done no more than medium rare. Brush with marinade again before serving. On a grill use the same approach as with a sirloin steak brushing now and then with your marinade.


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